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  1. ►Greek Mythology: “Pandora and Helen of Troy” / “Collaboration with Carolee Croft”🍎.-
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How you can call on the natural of wisdom to help your cause will become apparent. From 1 am to Your dreams could take you to a perfect world where everything was fair and everyone received a fair go. The Moon will change sign to Scorpio at 4.

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From 7 am to Venus of course is the Goddess of Love, Medea left her home and family to help the man she loved defeat them, steal the Golden Fleece from them and then later on her betrayed her over love. Venus will make exact her sextile aspect to Saturn at 1.

►Greek Mythology: “Pandora and Helen of Troy” / “Collaboration with Carolee Croft”🍎.-

You may find friends of a different age of great help today! Try not to lose your head over your relationships tomorrow morning between 7 am an 11 am AEST , as the Libra Moon merges energy with the asteroid Medusa! The Sun will make exact his trine to Pluto at 1. Your dreams could provide useful clues! It will be easier to make change and feel satisfied about your results.

Jupiter in Scorpio will exactly sextile Pluto later in the day at 5. Finally Venus in Scorpio will make exact her opposition to Uranus in Taurus at 7. It will also be a good time to start an unusual sort of relationship with new people. Goddess of the Dawn, she has the prettiest blush amongst all the Goddesses and mothers the winds and the stars!

Also said to have a penchant for bedding handsome young men like Orion. In the early hours the Moon will change sign to Libra at 1. Its time to think about what is equal and fair in the way we deal with our relationship with our mothers and daughters and what needs to change.

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Daily Moon Myths with Agent 66 Sara Gilbert

Maybe your dreams will tell you? The Sun will make exact a productive sextile aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio at You will feel positive and work harmoniously with others, it will also be a good time to review your goals and ideals as you will be able to see the big picture more clearly. The Virgo New Moon will be tomorrow morning, September 10, at 4. The Sun and Moon will be at 17 degrees of Virgo, so in its 18th degree. The theme is threshold consciousness or the ability to let go of control and allow spirit to flow in.

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Appropriately the luminaries will make a close opposition to Neptune in Pisces, further indicating a need to integrate the balance of watery components, both within the body itself and in the dissolution of the barriers set up to messages from spirit by the soul. Virgo energy is forever seeking purification and perfection through critical analysis, it is not always easy to just let things flow. Virgo also desires health and wellbeing so this is a perfect time for new diets or exercise regimes, especially those involving drinking more water, lessening your alcohol intake and exercising in water!

Sol and Luna form one cornet of an Earth Grand Trine with the MidHeaven in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn so there will be powerful potential for the successful transformative nature of any projects of this nature that are seeded with the Virgo New Moon. So changes that are aligned with the most deeply ingrained needs for your psychological balance and feelings of inner safety, can be effectively addressed with this energy. Venus will have changed sign from Libra to Scorpio only some 9 hours previously initiating the Fixed Grand Square, by opposing Uranus in Taurus, the pair will be squaring the Nodal Axis.

Once Venus enters Scorpio on September 9, already into her pre-shadow retrograde period, the Goddess of Love will be in a stubborn and determined Grand Square relationship with Uranus and the Nodes, until September This will be a rocky ride and whatever it is you have attached value to, it will be hard to shift your point of view. Uranus may throw a few curved balls your way, which will get you examining your whole approach to relationships, both now and in the past.

In particular the role which relationships play in keeping you wedded to the past through the patterning in your South Node will need to be revisited, ready to be healed by the new role that moving towards your North Node and your purpose might play!

Gêmeos - 16 a 31 agosto 12222 - leitura tarot

This Grand Square will remain within an 8 degree orb until September 28, some 3 weeks, and longer than would be usual, as Venus will be slowing down to station retrograde on October 6. The area most aligned with the position of the New Moon can be best gleaned from your natal horoscope chart, however if you only know your Sun Sign, then affirmations around the areas indicated below are likely to be the most powerful, but some adjustment may be required to the adjacent life areas:. Saturn Stationed Direct at 9.

Mercury in Virgo, and Uranus in Taurus, will form a Grand Trine in Earth with Saturn this evening, so more energy to shake things up and get the show moving, The Moon moved into Leo at Wow what a line up! Isis and Osiris the magical lovers and leaders of the Egyptian Pantheoan. Ariadne Mistress of the Cretan Labyrinth that imprisoned her brother the Minotaur.

What magic is waiting to work with you to help you achieve your purpose in life. So if you like the energy will be around uniting the power of the Night and the Day. From 5. When we woke up this morning the Moon in Taurus was merging energy with the asteroid Juno, Goddess of Marriage and associated with the peacock. From Both archetypes are connected with nature.

12 Best February Horoscope Tarot Forecast By Sasha Bonasin images in

Sedna is Mother to the beautiful sea mammals, the whales, dolphins and seals so you may feel very nurturing and protective this afternoon. She also has connections with clairaudience as they use sonar to communicate. Private reading 30 minutes 4 questions - Therapeutic IntuitiveTarot Reading with sass!

Here is the address to the blog that put me at 7 life coaches on YouTub Placed 2 in Tarot love series for Gemini. Create positive change and revolution in your love relationship by evaluating the problem ar Thank you for your likes, shares and subscriptions and comments. I discovered the use of life path numbers in tarot reading! Click the link below to watch the tutorial I recorded and find View from above!

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